Wednesday, November 12, 2008

Look, Honey! His first post! Isn't it cuuuute?!

I'm planting my flag.

medic8r manor is open for tours. Hopefully I'll be able to provide something original and useful. These days, original is in short supply. Seems like most of my web life is following links my friends have sent (I like doing that - don't stop!) or checking for new content on my bookmarked sites.

I frequent the Axiom Audio message boards as medic8r
and enjoy the community wit and wisdom there.

Wish I knew how to beautify that link.

I gots a lot to learn 'bout blogging.

Addendum, 11-24-08. I have assimilated my Axiom board knowledge and fixed the link. Beautification complete. Resistance is futile. Exterminate!


Ken said...

Oh god no, let the madness stop!

tomtuttle said...

Seriously, what are the odds of coming up with something original? Haven't all the songs been written YET?

GrayBabyOracle said...

My dumb blog welcomes yours to blogdom. I'll link to you very shortly.

bdure said...

Welcome to the blogger! We got fun and games! You can blog anything you want, but you'd better not blog it for free!

medic8r said...

Nice tie-in to my second blog post. A master of transition, you are.