Thursday, December 04, 2008

Funniest Things on the Internet, #1:

Wow, no pressure there, finding the funniest thing on the internet. Guess I could clarify and title this "funniest thing on the internet that I just came across and had to link to on my blog", but that's not as catchy, and I'm learning that eloquence is key in my attempt at world domination.

So, as far as "teh intarwebs" go, with memes and new slang and almost a whole new language, the concept of "FAIL!" has to rank pretty high up there. When somebody fails with utter thoroughness and/or when it's done with flair, you get an "EPIC" FAIL. Then, you can envision the opposite of FAIL, which is "WIN". Here's hoping my blog is full of nothing but WIN.

In the meantime, my five regular readers can amuse themselves with this montage of mascots demonstrating the EPIC FAIL:


tomtuttle said...

When do I get my medi8r manor membership card?

St_PatGuy said...

I got a medi8r headband with the optional red afro.