Monday, December 08, 2008

Funniest Things on the Internet: LOLcats

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My friends knew that this was coming. I have appreciated the LOLcats for a while. Such a great concept. Once you get familiar with the concept of pidgin-English-speaking cats who get themselves into all kinds of photographically captured predicaments, then you are in for a treat: quick servings of humor, little bites delivered with pizzazz, just perfect for our fast-paced culture. Need to blow off steam for a few seconds? Just go to I Can Has Cheezburger? for a quick pick-me-up.

Need a good low-cost Christmas gift? Check out the first LOLcat book. Note to self: figure out how to get $$$ for click-outs...

I saw with envy where the demand was so great that the site manager had to hire an editor (or was it a few? I honestly forget) to look over the submissions. Talk about your sweet job!

So here's to you, LOLcats, and that bucket-deprived LOLrus.

1 comment:

St_PatGuy said...

Darn you, J.P.!!!! I've been killing way too much time lately with LOLcats. . .

. . .and laughing all the while.