Tuesday, December 02, 2008

Signs of the Apocalypse, #1: Monopoly, Electronic Banker Edition.

So, there's a new Monopoly edition out:

Mrs. Medic8r and I saw this ad the other day and were struck by two things. One, when you take out the cash element, there goes millions of kids losing an opportunity to learn some arithmetic.

Two, and even more sinister given the current economic crisis, is that now millions of kids will learn how to charge everything in sight on a credit card. Great. Just great.

"Fast and without cash, that's how I play ..." That's the scariest thing I heard on TV all week.


GrayBabyOracle said...

My nephew was playing that over the weekend.

Ken said...

What a surprise. Buy more, it'll save the world!

tomtuttle said...

I'm looking forward to even more signs of the apocalypse.

This is just wrong. What about the ability of the "banker" to embezzle? Where's that essential learning?

Just because you CAN do something with technology doesn't mean that you SHOULD.

tomtuttle said...

Oh, and nice job embedding the YouTube content. JP is a BlogStar.

Peter said...

Blogstar Runner?

Mrs. Medic8r said...

My husband is so clever and funny. Me so lucky. Tom, I did not even consider the damage done to future embezzlers and the ability to squirrel away a dollar or two hundred. Now they will have to learn to hack the monopoly system. Hello Peter.