Sunday, January 25, 2009

25 random things about me.

A chain note is going around Facebook in which a person is asked to write a note in which he lists 25 random things about himself. I usually chuck chain emails in the trash, but this chain note is different. It involves audience participation, not just mindless forwarding. Plus, there's no threats of disaster for not participating, nor promises of riches or other good fortune for participating.

This chain note actually is a clever idea in that it amplifies the very essence of Facebook. Participating in it makes you feel like you've subscribed to Facebook Turbo, if there were such a thing. After all, people join Facebook to learn more about what their friends are doing, and also to share that same sort of info about themselves. Someone once said that Facebook (and Twitter) are to social interaction what Impressionism is to painting, in that all these little bits of data about people, while individually not always that meaningful, join together to form an overall picture of a person's reality. So imagine that your data set just expanded exponentially. Now you've got an even clearer view of things.

Plus, you get to learn a lot of fun things about your friends. A voyeur's delight!

Her is my list.

1. I grew up on 30 acres in Comer, Georgia. Half pasture, half woods. There was a little swampy part and a creek. It was a wonderful place to play and explore.
2. When I was 12, I got a Suzuki moped. It topped out at 28 mph. I would race my Great Dane and he would win without breaking a sweat.
3. I changed school systems after 8th grade and lost touch with a lot of friends – until Facebook!
4. My high school experience was second-to-none. Athens Academy nurtured me perfectly.
5. I appreciate all my teachers at all of my schools. Except this one in the 6th grade. I told her she wasn’t doing a good job and that she had lost control of the class. That didn’t go over well.
6. I think Athens, Georgia is the best city in the world, although NYC and Hong Kong have been fun to visit.
7. Speaking of which, I can do a mean karaoke version of “Love Shack”.
8. In high school, Beau would drive, and I would pick up the traffic cones. After we circled the block, I’d put ‘em back.
9. My favorite folk artist is Brian Andreas, with his Story People.
10. I own 9000 comic books, and I once had thoughts of opening up a comic book store. I’m glad I didn’t – the comic book store is struggling these days.
11. In 1992, I called in regularly to a weekly radio game show and did impressions. Once, they invited me into the studio for a special edition.
12. My favorite dine-out pizza is Costco’s pepperoni. Sprinkled with red pepper = perfection.
13. I have an autographed picture of Janet Fielding on which she wrote, “Great legs, J.P.!”
14. My two favorite animals are the polar bear and the tiger. If I see either of them at a zoo, I usually camp out and shoot a whole roll of film.
15. I am a huge WDW fan, and my favorite park is EPCOT. One day I hope to be picked out by the British theater cast members for a role in their King Arthur production.
16. Gail and I got married on the beach of Hilton Head Island. We bought flowers at the Piggly Wiggly on the way and changed into our wedding clothes in a sporting goods store dressing room.
17. I use my PS3 almost exclusively for playing Blu-ray movies. I would love to play video games, especially Gran Turismo, but I don’t find the time.
18. My favorite fine artist is Roy Lichtenstein, and my favorite piece of his is “Whaam!”, from 1963, which hangs in the Tate Gallery, London.
19. I enjoy celebrity gossip web sites, but it leaves me conflicted about the tactics of the paparazzi.
20. I have seen Rush on seven different tours in 5 different cities. They are my all-time favorite group. The fact that they are not in the Rock and Roll Hall of Fame is total bullshit.
21. My dream car is the BMW Z8.
22. I applied for an Air Force ROTC scholarship to college but got rejected due to asthma. I applied for a Navy ROTC scholarship to medical school but got rejected due to poor vision. My Army friends told me I should have applied to the Army – “They’ll take anybody!”
23. I was the pitcher for the Snowden Snowdogs for a few years. Our hospital coed softball team won the 2004 Stafford County Parks and Rec commercial division.
24. This was joyous vindication, since my intramural efforts at MCG (softball, volleyball, basketball) consistently led to second-place finishes.
25. My favorite President is Thomas Jefferson, but I think Barack Obama has the potential to unseat him. I have faith in him.

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