Thursday, January 08, 2009

The Buffet

Back in the day, I used to love going to buffet restaurants. College was essentially four years of the buffet experience, and in medical school, Golden Corral was a frequent stop for me. A good Chinese buffet still sounds appealing today.

However, as I've grown, the appeal of the buffet has dwindled. There are many reasons for this, and most of them revolve around Mrs. Medic8r. She has a discriminating palate, which can't help but rub off on me a bit. She is a great cook, so I get to enjoy a wide variety of quality food at home. Lastly, her work history in the food service industry is even longer than mine. She often takes the opportunity to put down the buffet as the triumph of quantity over quality, so she's purposefully worn down my enthusiasm for buffet dining.

For these reasons, it was with glee that I called her on my cell as I was entering the local Old Country Buffet. "Guess where I am?!" I chuckled. She was only mildly amused.

So I pay first - $8.82 with tax - and find a table with my coworkers. I dig in to a couple of plates of hot food: slice of pizza, cheeseburger, honey sesame chicken, rice, green beans, Mac and cheese, baked fish, more mac and cheese. For dessert, soft serve ice cream with cookie crumbs.

And ... it just wasn't that good. Gail is right - it was the definition of quantity over quality. It wasn't bad food, but for the same money, I could have gone to Five Guys or Chik fil-A or any number of places, and had a more satisfying experience.

I married well; this much is clear. For all the world to hear, "Honey, you were right. Buffets stink."

At least this one did. Take it from me and my vaguely dissatisfied stomach.


Anonymous said...

Oh honey, I am sorry your belly is upset, but at least you realize my brilliance... ha They should hand out little rolaids packets at the register. I will feed you something delicious for dinner, never fear. love and kises - Mrs. Medic8r

medic8r said...

Peggie just said that she and the other coworkers will be over, too. "We ate there too, ya know."

tomtuttle said...

So, you're making Gail post Anonymously? WTF?

JP, seriously, I'm surprised it has taken you this long. That place should have a cardiologist on staff. Aren't you scared that somebody will keel over from the salt and fat while you're there?

"Is there a Doctor in the house?!?!"

::runs away sighing::

bdure said...

I forget which comedian said, "You're not supposed to eat ALL you can eat!"

carlilek said...

Hey, that's my line.

Say, this blog seems to be getting kinda abandoned...