Monday, January 05, 2009

Charlie Daniels for Ambassador to the U.N.

Greetings, my loyal readers (all six of you). I hope your holidays were good. The medic8r family enjoyed itself. Nolan racked up on presents, as usual, while Mrs. medic8r and I took it easy and gave each other (and ourselves) small gifts.

One of the treats I got myself at Walmart was a $5 CD of the Charlie Daniels Band's greatest hits. It brought back memories of my teen years, when I had a different CDB hits collection on LP. It sounds funny now, but growing up in Georgia, I identified a little with Charlie, who is from Tennessee. As I played on our 30 acres of farmland and swamp, I enjoyed Charlie's tales of, well, swamps. "Well, if you ever go back into Wooley Swamp, well, you better not go at night ..."

Ol' Charlie is an unapologetic redneck, as he reminds us with lyrics like "What most people call a redneck / ain't nothin' but a workin' man". He sings the gospel of Republican family values: Christianity, patriotism, gun rights, low taxes, and keeping government out of his/our damn business. Even if my political views have diverged from his, his songs still resonate. For example, "Still in Saigon" conveys more about PTSD in 4 minutes than any psychiatrist could, and would make an excellent blog piece of its own, come to think about it.

About the same time I was rediscovering CDB, I ran across this Wall Street Journal article via the Huffington Post: As if Things Weren't Bad Enough, Russian Professor Predicts End of U.S. It's pretty funny stuff as long as you're not paranoid enough to believe it. Actually, it's very laughable, as countless people have pointed out in commentaries. One of the best follow-up articles is here is the Washington Post: A Disintegrating U.S.? Critics Come Unglued. The reactions quoted here are just what I had thought, myself: (1) nothing like projecting your insecurities and bad history onto your nemesis. My residency director was right: Psychiatry is everywhere! (2) Gimme a break! Splitting up the Confederacy? How little does this guy know about US History?!

To finish my post, here's my gut reaction (3), as voiced by Mr. Charlie Daniels. Fron a live performance c. early 1980s, here's "In America":

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