Thursday, June 18, 2009

People Who Speak for Me: Lewis Black

I had a heated debate today with a relative and her conservative friends on Facebook. They're all up in arms over how Obama's a Socialist who's wrecking the country. All in 5 months, so far, which is pretty impressive, I guess. Maybe he is the Antichrist after all. I mean, that's fast work.

A lot of them were clearly feeling threatened by the US Government, fearing infringement of their freedoms by an increasingly (perceived as) oppressive government. Am I just that oblivious? Because I'm not feeling it.

Late in the thread, I put in a link to this Lewis Black video bit, which makes the point, in true Lewis Black style, that government is not automatically the problem. Anyway, the thread-starter got offended by the language and distracted by the Palin shot at the end, so it probably flew over all their faces. Well, over the faces of the few that got to see it before she removed my post, claiming the offense to her sensibilities was too great. Isn't it ironic that the one who is afraid the government will oppress her is the same one who censored me?

I saw Lewis Black in person last year, and he delivered the goods. I just read his most recent book, and I'm about to go read his first one. I am a real Lew-o-phile. I'm sure that he would laugh at what happened to me tonight. I'm even more sure that he'd ask me, "What the hell did you think would happen? That's why I told those righteous types to put down my book, right there in my foreword! I told them I'd save them $15 and a lot of misery!" Which he did, 'tis true. In both books.

Anyway, I remember him repeating this point in his live show: "Government is people!" Good food for thought.